Test ability


Environmental test Reliability test
Mechanics: vibration, shock, drop, acceleration, tilt, pendulum, etc.
Climate: temperature,humid, thermal shock, salt mold,
Mold, sand, rain, low pressure,
Solar radiation, thermal vacuum, icing, freezing rain, etc.
Comprehensive: three comprehensive, four comprehensive, etc.
Environmental stress screening, reliability development, reliability
Growth, reliability identification, reliability acceptance, reliability enhancement,
Reliability design such as accelerated life and high accelerated life,
Reliability analysis, reliability management, reliability solutions, etc.



Compatibility test Software evaluation
Compatibility test
GJB151A / GJB151B items
Auto Parts Test Standard Project
Test items for civilian products

GJB / Z 141-2004
General Application Software Testing
Industry application software testing
Embedded software testing



Material performance test Other / Professional Testing Services
Material performance test
Static test: stiffness, strength, stress, strain, etc.
stress test
Electrical performance test
Flammability test
Composition testing, etc.

Other / Professional Testing Services
Test overall (comprehensive test organization and management)
"Six type" test evaluation
Digital simulation test
Battery test
Comprehensive vehicle inspection


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